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ADAS Calibration

ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) is a feature of newer vehicles combining up to 12 technologies that work together with help from sensors including radar, lidar, and cameras. These all work in unison to help make cars safer to drive, and to drive more independently.

Windshields are not just windshields in today’s vehicles. At Heartland Auto Glass, we understand that technology is rapidly evolving in the automotive industry, and windshields play a major role in these changes.

With the constant technological evolution and increasing costs of feature-rich windshields, the margin for error when replacing these windshields gets smaller and smaller. For this reason, employees of Heartland Auto Glass never stop learning, training, and sharpening their skills in the auto glass industry. Continual research into the ever-expanding capabilities of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems and automotive glass is an integral part of our success in both ADAS calibrations and windshield replacements.

See more below on ADAS features, how we can successfully calibrate your ADAS system after your windshield has been replaced, and why this process is vital to the safety of you and your vehicle's occupants as well as other drivers on the road.

Heartland Auto Glass employs the Opti-Aim Calibration System for vehicle calibration. The Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems is not a brand new technology, but over the last 20 years, ADAS has advanced to a point that all future cars will be required to have some type of ADAS as a standard feature.

There are many different ADAS features including backup camera, blind-spot detection (BSD), lane departure warnings (LDW), adaptive cruise control (ACC), front collision warning (FCW), electronic stability control (ESC), self-parking, automatic braking, and more.

All these systems are designed to help eliminate human error and save lives. Heartland Auto Glass is one of the few auto glass companies that has incorporated this technology into their daily operations. This technology requires continued training, and Heartland Auto Glass understands the future this technology brings in the automotive industry. The Opti-Aim Calibration System is the industry's first aftermark calibration tool for managing complex glass installations that demand precise, camera-ready accuracy.

When is calibration necessary?
  • Windshield Replacements
  • Front-End Damage
  • Changing the tire size on your vehicle
  • Lift Kits
  • Bumper Replacement
  • Sensor Failure
  • Camera Disturbance

All of the above situations, among others, require your ADAS equipped vehicle to be calibrated. While it may seem tedious or unimportant, these safety features all have to work in unison, and work properly, to ensure road safety for both you and other drivers. Glass companies are required to advise the vehicle owner that the Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems must be calibrated when replacing a windshield. Vehicles equipped with ADAS that have not been calibrated, or calibrated improperly, can actually make a vehicle less safe than if it did not have ADAS at all. This is because your vehicle could give the driver incorrect feedback on the information the systems are processing.

Static vs. Dynamic Calibration

There are two types of calibrations: Static and Dynamic. After replacing your windshield, the type of calibration we perform on your vehicle is dependent on its make, model, and year. Some vehicles even require a Hybrid calibration, which means we perform both static and dynamic calibration procedures to get all of your ADAS features working properly.

Dynamic calibrations, the more convenient of the two, require us to plug our Opti-Aim tablet into your vehicle's OBD (On Board Diagnostic Program) and drive the vehicle for a short distance after replacing the windshield. After a short drive, your ADAS features will be working just like they did from the factory with your brand new windshield. If your vehicle only requires a dynamic calibration, we can perform this as part of our mobile service.

Static Calibration performed with opti-aim target board

Static Calibration performed with opti-aim target board

Static calibrations require your vehicle be brought to our shop located in Independence, MO where we can position your vehicle in front of our Opti-Aim target board. Once your vehicle is perfectly positioned, we are able to plug into your vehicle's OBD and perform a series of tasks that allow your vehicle's camera to view the target in various spots on our target board. Once completed, your ADAS features will be working as intended.

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