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Glass Replacement

To provide the best service, Heartland Auto Glass uses WRD Glass Tools for glass replacement. These products use a cord system to remove windshields, which eliminates the risk of damaging your pinch-weld and scratching the paint on your vehicle. Attention to detail is what separates Heartland Auto Glass from other auto glass repair companies. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us. We started Heartland Auto Glass with the philosophy of quality over quantity. We treat your vehicle the way we want our vehicles to be treated. If you want your auto glass technician to sacrifice a little extra time to ensure your vehicle is treated with the utmost care and respect, you've found the right place.

Windshield Replacement

Amazon delivery van with broken windshield

If your vehicle has aftermarket windshield accessories such as dash cameras or remote-start antennas in addition to its factory ADAS features, Heartland Auto Glass will have your vehicle setup precisely the way you need it when we install a new windshield.

Amazon delivery van with brand new windshield

Heartland Auto Glass is proud to serve our local Amazon delivery drivers. All drivers have places to be and deadlines to make that they depend on their vehicle for. Don't hesitate to call Heartland Auto Glass when you need same or next day service!

Other Glass Replacement

While windshields are the most commonly replaced glass on vehicles, we can also perform replacements on all your vehicle's glass.

Ford Escape with broken rear window

Window completely shattered to pieces? No problem. We have the tools and experience needed to safely remove every shard of glass that remains on your vehicle without damaging your paint or pinchweld.

Ford Escape with brand new rear window

Even when there's thousands of tiny broken glass shards on your vehicle's seats, carpet, or stuck behind your door panels, Heartland Auto Glass will get all of the old glass out and get your new glass in.

Ford Escape with broken rear window
Work Truck Glass Removed

Not all windows are held into place with urethane. This work truck utilizes nuts, bolts, and butyl tape to adhere the rear glass to the vehicle.

Ford Escape with brand new rear window
Preparing New Glass

No matter how your glass adheres or attaches to your vehicle, Heartland Auto Glass always gets the job done right.

Construction Equipment

vBroken glass on your construction equipment? We got you covered there too. Heartland Auto Glass is equipped to come directly to your construction site to get your operators back to work ASAP to help you meet your deadlines.

Gehl Dynalift Fork Lift with broken door glass

Construction sites can be pretty treacherous places for glass, and it's hard to get any work done when your operators' visibility is compromised. We're here to help you meet your deadlines.

Gehl Dynalift Fork Lift with fixed door glass

Heartland Auto Glass is able to come directly to your construction site to get your equipment back to work as soon as possible. We understand time is money. Give us a call for fast, quality, mobile service!

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Our Reviews

  • Greg Franklin Profile Picture
    Greg Franklin

    Paul Hamilton and his son Ethan did amazing work on an ‘06 Ram that has never been parked inside, and an ‘08 Hyundai Sante Fe. They look amazing! Thank you Paul and Ethan!

  • Lisa No Profile Picture
    Lisa No

    I thought I was going to have to replace my headlights before I got Paul's number from a friend who told me they could be fixed. My SUV is over 20 years old and the headlights seriously look brand new. Couldn't be happier with the results!

Our Goals

We've invested the time and the money to ensure we do everything the right way. For Heartland Auto Glass, the right way is the only way. That's why all of our staff are Auto Glass University graduates. To become the best, we learned from the best.

Contact Heartland Auto Glass with confidence! We want all our customers to know that any work done to your vehicle is done with the greatest care and precision possible by our certified and insured auto glass technicians. We stay up to date on the latest and greatest industry standards, innovations, and safety practices. Our goal at Heartland Auto Glass is to satisfy all our customers as best we possibly can with work we can proudly stand behind.